Clean water for all

Water is essential for life! Clean water is essential for a healthy life! Our aim for this coming year is to ensure that all our elderly Ugandan friends have access to clean, safe water. We plan to make  a rain water collection system and sealed storage tank available to all 38 of our supported seniors […]

Urgent COVID-19 Appeal to Distribute Food “Care Packages”

COVID-19 Food Campaign

The Current Situation: The most intractable problem facing Older Persons in Uganda including those supported by ROTOM is malnutrition. This is caused by lack of enough nutritious food. This has been worsened by the current dilemma of coronavirus (COVID-19). Lack of nutritious food among older persons causes starvation and poor health which can eventually lead […]

Christmas Gifts for Seniors: A Thermos Flask

One of the staple foods for our seniors is a kind of thin porridge. A thermos flask would enable them to store it safely, keep it hot and carry it with them when they travel. Each year ROTOM gives all its supported seniors a special Christmas gift. This Christmas, ROTOM would like to gift an […]

Austin’s Survival of The Fittest Challenge!!

Charity No: 1169968 Hey everyone So, on 7th October (the near eve of my 46th birthday), I’m going to be mixing it with a few thousand younger and fitter people to take part in the Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest Challenge in Nottingham. It’s a 10km course which involves a load of monster obstacles, […]

Monster Race 10k (Devon)

OK, so I’ve decided to punish my body again and do another sporting challenge! Another 10k run with multiple obstacles along the way…what’s not to love!! My pain or discomfort is nothing compared to what the elderly in Uganda have to deal with because they do not have access to proper sanitation. At their advanced […]

Monster 10K

Reach One Touch One Ministries Its purpose is to raise funds to support and meet the spiritual, social, physical, and psychological needs of the elderly and children under their care in Uganda & Ethiopia. These elderly people live in poverty and have had to become the guardians of their grandchildren as they have lost their […]

Monster Race for the Loo

Running a 10k obstacle race to raise funds for the elderly in Uganda who, not only look after their grandchildren without any income or help but they don’t even have a loo. We want to build them all one, who will help us????. X x

Race to the loo!

Pretty please support Rachel Dalton and ‘Team Toilet’ in the Monster Race mud challenge…  Just a few quid will go a long way towards ROTOM’s goal of supplying elderly people with a simple toilet. Its a basic need that so many simply do not have. Thank you for supporting this important campaign.  Bring it ON! […]


ROTOM supports over 1000 elderly people in very poor communities in Uganda. Here in the UK we support 35 people 27 of whom do not have adequate, safe, toilets and some have none at all. Our aim is to fund 27 new latrines by the end of the year. So far we have managed to […]