Christmas thank you to dedicated staff

I have been involved with this amazing ministry since 2014. It is such a joy and challenge to be able to help desperately poor people in rural Uganda enabling them to live more dignified and fulfilled lives. From the UK we support 38 elderly people in a very remote village called Seeta Namulangi. Overall ROTOM […]


  Sabrina is an old woman who lives in Kalangalo village, a place far away deep in a rural community. Sabrina lives with four grandchildren in a house, which is so old, unsafe, and now a threat to their lives. The house is full of cracks everywhere, with a weak roof, bricks getting off, poorly […]

North Devon half Marathon

I’ll be running the North Devon Half Marathon at the end of June to help raise money for Grandparents and their grand children who live in horrible conditions in Uganda. ROTOM do an amazing job, helping raise living conditions and bringing community to many that are completly isolated. Any spare pennies would be amazing, thank […]

Christmas 2019. Who doesn’t like new clothes for Christmas?

One of the ways through which our seniors express their heritage, culture and style is through the way they dress. In the central and south western parts of Uganda, where our seniors live, women usually wear “Gomesi” (A long traditional dress) or “Mushanana” (A long traditional skirt and a vest with a wrap tied across […]

Clean water for all

Water is essential for life! Clean water is essential for a healthy life! Our aim for this coming year is to ensure that all our elderly Ugandan friends have access to clean, safe water. We plan to make  a rain water collection system and sealed storage tank available to all 38 of our supported seniors […]

Fourth Nurse Urgently need

The health centre provides 24hour care for up to eight patients staffed by one nurse during the day and one at night. They also need to be able to travel out to the villages to do clinics and there are many sick and frail patients who need to be seen in their homes. Our seniors […]

COVID-19 Emergency Appeal

Things are deteriorating at an alarming rate in Uganda. COVID-19 cases are rising rapidly affecting the rural villages as well as cities. Already it is overwhelming the country’s meagre health care system. All efforts at the moment are concentrated on maximising health care at both ROTOM health centres. We desperately need funds for the following: […]

Monster Race 10k (Devon)

OK, so I’ve decided to punish my body again and do another sporting challenge! Another 10k run with multiple obstacles along the way…what’s not to love!! My pain or discomfort is nothing compared to what the elderly in Uganda have to deal with because they do not have access to proper sanitation. At their advanced […]

Monster 10K

Reach One Touch One Ministries Its purpose is to raise funds to support and meet the spiritual, social, physical, and psychological needs of the elderly and children under their care in Uganda & Ethiopia. These elderly people live in poverty and have had to become the guardians of their grandchildren as they have lost their […]

Monster Race for the Loo

Running a 10k obstacle race to raise funds for the elderly in Uganda who, not only look after their grandchildren without any income or help but they don’t even have a loo. We want to build them all one, who will help us????. X x