Happening Now!

Our Ethiopia Country Director, Hawi Belete has listed a van as a top priority for the last 2 years. Hawi has made do with hiring taxis, carts, scooters, motorcycles, bajajs, and whatever other way she could find to get our senior friends to the hospital or the clinic for medical care. Prior to COVID that list included getting our dear friends to the fellowship meetings as well.

These methods are expensive, inconvenient and at times create physical discomfort for our senior friends. Not to mention that we have no consistent way to transport our field staff, volunteers, food, medicine, ROTOM Champions, or future Journey for Change participants.

However, there have been so many other needs that this one has not had our full attention, until now. We have raised $20k toward this vehicle and only need another 21k to make the purchase. Our friends and staff in Ethiopia have been making do since we launched into that country. But it’s time to change that. Let’s give them wheels in 2021!

Did you know that if just 21 friends gave a $1000 each, we would be handing Hawi keys this spring? Maybe you know someone who would go in half with you and each of you give $500? Or maybe 100 friends give $210 each? We could still reach our goal in no time!  Who would meet you halfway?

Together we can make this happen!