20 Years Strong with ROTOM

Through the years of their devoted support and encouragement, longtime senior friends Sue and John Gourley have ultimately affected the Ugandan community of ROTOM as a whole. We discussed with Sue over a heart-to-heart, digital conversation the details of their beginnings with ROTOM. Read on to hear their powerful story! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It’s hard to believe […]

Love Lifted Her: The Story that Birthed ROTOM 20 Years Ago

Jajja Elizabeth

It was nearly 20 years ago that Kenneth and his wife Miriam set out on a short journey from their family home in Mukono, Uganda to the neighboring village of Bajjo. Kenneth had just returned home from his work in the United States of America to join his wife and 4 boys for Christmas when […]

My Granddaughters’ No Longer Have to Wear Dirty Dresses

Allen N.

Meet Senior Allen Namusisi, hopeless and having to travel miles each day with little children just to do daily chores. Just to be able to water her garden and feed her grandchildren. Thanks to your help, they no longer have to wear their long dirty dresses after tending the garden because Allen now has a […]

Total Home Transformation for Senior Maria Nakafeero

Maria Nakafeera

Maria is 78 years old, a widow who never had children of her own, and a ROTOM sponsored senior since 2016. At her seasoned age, she now has full-time responsibility of her brother’s school-aged granddaughters. Her grandnieces in her care are two girls who are 2 and 4 years old. Their mother died tragically of […]

Clean Water Access Essential for Disabled Senior

Jane Nabawanuka

Meet Jane Nabawanuka   Access to clean and safe water in their homes is one of the most pressing needs of our seniors’ households. On a daily basis, they must travel miles to find potable water – collecting the only water they have in swamps, ponds, boreholes. For Jane Nabawanuka’s family, receiving a water tank […]

Sharing The Gift of a ROTOM Water Tank

A Story from Jessica Koberling, ROTOM Water Tank Sponsor Many of you may know my mom, Julie Gee who has been an integral part of ROTOM USA for many years. Our family first became involved with ROTOM 20+ years ago through our close friends from Uganda. I would like to tell you a little bit […]

The JOY of Seniors Receiving Food 

Meet Benaletta Acupa – 72 Years Old Acupa is a widow who lives mostly lives alone and other times, she lives with grandchildren – especially during their school break. Overall, Acupa originally had 11 children; 7 passed away and 4 are still living. She is grateful that her children have supported her with some of […]

Food Supply Sufficient for Disan

Uganda field crop Coffee

For this 91-year-old senior, your monthly support has delivered him from Hunger to Hope. Unlike other ROTOM seniors who have children, grandchildren or their relatives contributing to their Food Security, Disan has no one. Not even a nephew looking out or coming by occasionally to visit him. His only surviving son left him, and Disan […]

New Hope Restored for Nusula

Meet Nusula. A true story of hope restored! One that will likely renew your faith. Like most of the seniors registered into the ROTOM Friendship Program, all have a familiar story ~ lost, desperate, lonely, and scared of what tomorrow might bring. What was once lost, has now turned new for Nusula. Nusula, 79 years […]

Rampant Food Crisis Among ROTOM Seniors Continues

Hunger is a worldwide catastrophe. The global food crisis is real. We are working hard to assure our seniors and families do not go hungry. The most intractable problem our seniors grapple with in Uganda is malnutrition. This is now an on-going issue caused by lack of enough nutritious food worsened by the economic conditions […]