UG Testimonial: Christine Namakula during COVID-19

“The care I received from the ROTOM health workers is immeasurable and so heart-warming. I was uplifted to get the courage to face whatever was going on in my feeble body at that time. Thank you so much ROTOM for cherishing and loving us so much,” says a lovingly Christine Namakula. 

On June 2021, Christine tested positive for COVID 19. This was preceded by her coming to the health center presenting with general body weakness, muscle cramps, joint pains, high grade fever, and throat irritation. After testing positive, she was immediately admitted to one of our wards and treated for 7 days for which she stabilized and was sent home to self-isolate. In her period of self-isolation, the ROTOM field nurse used to reach out to her to check on how she was feeling and coping with the virus. And within one week, Christine came back to the ROTOM health center and tested negative and in good health.