Meet our waiting Senior friends

Annaniah Kisegyesi was born in 1924. He has been married twice in his life and both of those wives died. His only son recently passed away and he now lives with his sister, daughter and his two granddaughters.  His daughter and granddaughters work his land to produce the food they need to survive. They live in a two room house in very poor condition.

Divensi Zalwango is an 80-year-old widow and mother of 11. Of her 11 children, only 4 sons are still living. Divensi has grandchildren but they do not live with her. She currently lives alone in a brick and cement house with 4 partially finished rooms. She receives some assistance from a friend’s son, Bashir, who helps her cultivate food from land she gave him. He also helps her get medicine at the nearby health center when needed.

Rose Nahumicha is originally from Kenya. She and her husband traveled to Uganda as migrant laborers in the 50’s. They had one son together. After becoming an adult, he left to look for work and Rose has not seen him again. When her husband died, Rose was left alone to fend for herself. Now she has become too frail to care for herself and is totally dependent on ROTOM. Rose lives in the outreach center and shares space with two other senior adults.

Maria Jacinta is 85 years old and has been married for 51 years! She and husband, John William, had 2 daughters who married and moved away. Both Maria and John used to farm their land and sale the produce, but they have grown too weak to work, so now they depend on the generosity of neighbors. Their 2 room, mud house is in desperate need of repair.

For more information about how to befriend a waiting senior, contact us at: or call 888.540.3439 or click below to make a gift to our senior friendship fund.