2019 Summer of Giving Campaign

Congratulations ROTOM Friends! You helped raise $8,765 for our 2019 Summer of Giving Campaign. This campaign allowed us to send our field staff the funds to purchase each senior friend a beautiful, traditional garment, so they would be included in community events like weddings, funerals and parties. Which they would be left out of, if it is known that they do not have the proper clothing. This one outfit allows them to be included again and again. But it may have seemed odd that we were asking you to think of Christmas in the middle of July! Now you can see why.

Thank you for making this gift possible! ROTOM facilitates a Christmas party for our seniors and field staff every year. It is a time of community, singing, laughter and dancing, and we wanted to offer our thanks by sharing pictures of the celebration that you made possible.

December 2019 Senior Christmas Party