ROTOM Update on COVID-19 Response

An update regarding COVID from our Founder:
April 22, 2020


ROTOM teams in Uganda and Ethiopia continue to make every effort to minimize the impact of the outbreak and subsquest measures taken by the authorities in response to COVID-19 on the older persons and children we support.

Ethiopia confirmed cases have also risen from 82 last week to 114 this week. 16 covid patients
have recovered and there are 3 deaths so far. 95 are active COVID-19 cases.
Seniors’ fellowships and champions bi-weekly meetings and gatherings at ROTOM Senior Center
continue to be suspended. The center observes strict social (physical) distance and hygiene
practices and visitors are prohibited. Seniors continue to receive health care and limited visits
from volunteers. Our team in Ethiopia celebrated Easter by delivering grocery supplies to
supported older persons in their homes.

The number confirmed cases in Uganda increased slightly from 55 last week to to 61 this week.
38 have recovered and there are no deaths leaving 23 active cases
A hundred frail and weak supported seniors were given additional care packages this week. The
rest of the supported older persons will receive care packages at the beginning of May after
additional funds are received in Uganda.

ROTOM Health Centers continue to provide health care to our supported older persons and
children through an outreach program managed by the field nurse and field officers. Through this,
many seniors receive care at home, deliveries for medicines and only a few are brought to the
health centers. The health centers also completed delivering refills of medicines for seniors with
non-communicable diseases & changing catheters for the month of April.

ROTOM has submitted a request to Help Age International office in Uganda for support towards
senior needs during this COVID-19 outbreak. We are awaiting their response.
The team has also worked on Food Campaign materials including write up, photos and video and
shared these with support partners. You may have seen the campaign on FB and other platforms.
Materials for the water campaign are being worked on and will be shared with partners as soon
as they are ready.

ROTOM School Children continue to be monitored by volunteers. Starting this week, they will
receive homework packages. These will be dropped & picked from home by the boda boda
(motorcycle) weekly. The teacher will grade them and return to the students.

While the cases in Uganda and Ethiopia are low, the situation in our neighboring countries are
cause for concern. For example, Kenya has 296 cases, Tanzania 254 , Rwanda 150, Congo 165,
Somalia 286 and Sudan 140. All the new cases in Uganda the last 4 days have been of truck drivers
coming from neghboring Tanzania and Kenya. its our prayer that these and our countries’ numbers
do not increase. Our healthcare system may not cope. Our best chance is prevention.
We continue to pray and stand with all those affected by the Corona-virus during this period.


Kenneth E Mugayehwenkyi
ROTOM Founder and Executive Director