COVID-19 Emergency Appeal

Uganda is experiencing a deadly wave of COVID-19 infections. Cases are rising at an alarming rate both in urban and rural areas. Government hospitals are already overwhelmed and turning patients away. ROTOM has two medical centres and needs your help increase capacity so as to save as many lives as possible amongst our seniors and the local population. Approximately £80,000 is needed to equip and staff the medical centres to care for the expected influx of patients. We'd like to contribute as much of this as possible from the UK. Please, please donate and help us towards this goal. Please pass on this link to friends and family. Many thanks.
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Creator: Adrienne Shaw

Things are deteriorating at an alarming rate in Uganda. COVID-19 cases are rising rapidly affecting the rural villages as well as cities. Already it is overwhelming the country’s meagre health care system. All efforts at the moment are concentrated on maximising health care at both ROTOM health centres. We desperately need funds for the following:

  1. Extra nursing and medical staff for the next 3 months initially
  2. PPE
  3. Oxygen
  4. Extra bed capacity utilising surrounding buildings for isolation of COVID patients
  5. Equipment for these new wards.
  6. Facilitate full vaccination as soon as vaccines become available
  7. Increase testing capacity
  8. Extra food for patients.


APPROX £80,000

Can I ask that  if you feel you can contribute that you press the donate button now and give as much as you can. COVID-19 is scary enough here where we have good health care., how much more in a country where medical care is sketchy at best and absent at worst 

Also if you are able to spread the word about this urgent need please pass on this link

If we can’t achieve this through ROTOM then the elderly population will be left without care as they are always at the back of the queue at government hospitals in normal times and this is anything but normal!!

Please please donate!