A New Loo Means So Much!

Florence & Yokana Kalule are a senior couple sponsored by a UK couple called Paul & Gill.

See below the translated letter written by Yokana to his lovely sponsors, where in it he shows his and his family’s appreciation for their new loo.

“Dear Paul & Gill

Warm greetings to you dear friends in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

How is your life and work? I thank you for the work that you are able to do. How are your children and grandchildren? Let me hope that you are all in good health.

I have also been okay and happy together with my wife and the grandchild. My wife is so grateful for what you are able to do for us as a family without any hesitation.

I take this opportunity to appreciate you for all the good things that you have done for me this year.

I thank you with much joy for the pit latrine that you constructed for me. Thank you, so much dear friends. My latrine is looking so nice with a sit on; my legs had become so weak to bend them while squatting. My family and I pray that God reward you with much more.

I thank you for all the medical support that you give me. Whenever I get ill I get treatment on time. However much my legs are still hurting, at least there is an improvement. I am really grateful and God bless you.

Your friend,

Yokana Kalule Ssalongo”

We find it all too easy to take solutions to our basic needs for granted. Receiving messages like this puts oour privileged lives into perspective.

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