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…so much for choosing to partner with ROTOM Canada, and reaching out to older persons in Uganda and Ethiopia.

There are so many ways you can support the health and well-being of our seniors! Check out all the ways you can donate below, as well as a list of our most significant needs.


Urgent need for supplies during COVID-19 Pandemic

Make an Impact:

Donate any amount of your choice to support our current needs for:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Medical Equipment
  • Rapid COVID-19 Testing
  • Hiring of more medical staff

Donations directly support Seniors, Grandchildren, and community health worker

Support one elderly senior in Uganda or Ethiopia, living in extreme poverty. This helps ROTOM to provide holistic care and support for one month: $60 per month sponsorship or $35 per month co-sponsorship. Learn more about supporting our Seniors here.

Support one grandchild in Uganda or Ethiopia, living with their grandparent in extreme poverty. This helps ROTOM to provide holistic care and support for one month: $60 per month sponsorship or $35 per month co-sponsorship. Learn more about supporting our Grandchildren here.

Support the ROTOM School directly with a one time donation, which helps provide teachers, materials, school building, and nutritious snacks and meals for ROTOM grandchildren.

Support the ROTOM Health Centre directly with a one-time donation, which contributes to ensuring access to health care services for Seniors and Grandchildren.


Our annual fundraisers

Keep an eye on our social media feeds for when these events are happening!

Send some love to a Senior this Valentine’s Day 2020!

Susan’s Run for Water

Every year, our Chair and CEO Susan Elliott runs the Niagara Falls Women’s Half Marathon to raise money for ROTO. That’s 21.1 kilometres and every step goes towards improving the health and wellbeing of our seniors! Annual event in June.

Grandparents’ Day

2019 ROTOM Calendar

Grandparents’ Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in September and we want to help you honour your grandparents by supporting grandparents around the world. In Uganda and Ethiopia, grandparents are called Jjajjas, and we’re marking Grandparents’ Day by selling beautiful calendars with original photography by one of our amazing ROTOM Uganda staff members There are still calendars available for $20 CAD – contact our Administrator Anne Burgoyne for more information!


Christmas Gift Campaign

Ahead of the holiday season each year, we host a campaign to raise funds to purchase gifts for our Seniors and their grandchildren. One gift is $35 CAD


How to Donate

Donations to ROTOM Canada are made by clicking the ‘Donate Now’ button, which will take you to our page which is hosted on CanadaHelps. Here are the categories you can donate to:

Senior Friendship Program: Support an elderly person with health care, food, housing, fellowship and home visits.

Grandchild Sponsorship Program: Support the family of a senior by helping a grandchild go to school.

Water and Sanitation: Your gift will increase access to clean water and sanitation for seniors, by building pit latrines, water wells for communities and providing water drums for families.

Food and Housing: Your gift will increase access to food and housing for homeless seniors. This project aids in building kitchens and latrines to improve the environment in which the seniors live.

Health Centre: Your gift will help our health centre acquire the resources to provide free healthcare to vulnerable older persons.

Business Stewardship: Your gift will maximize support of ROTOMs outreach in Uganda and Ethiopia hoping to cover various organization costs and “where most needed” expenses.

Christmas Gift: Your gift will provide a blessing for a senior at Christmas time.

Journey for Change: This program offers you an opportunity to visit our projects in Uganda and Ethiopia, giving you a life changing experience working with the ministry of ROTOM changing the lives of vulnerable older persons in Uganda and Ethiopia. Contact our Administrator Anne Burgoyne for more information!


Re-Purpose for a Purpose!

Do you have any household items, articles of furniture, appliances or other housewares you’d like to donate in support of ROTOM Canada?

You can help in several ways!

1. Collect and Save: If you are within a two hour drive of Barrie, Ontario, we will come and pick up your gently used furniture and household goods to re-sell, with all the proceeds going to ROTOM Canada programs! Contact our Administrator Anne Burgoyne to request a pick up!

Re-Purpose for a Purpose

2. Sell and Share: Share the proceeds of the sale of your gently used furniture or household goods with ROTOM Canada, through our ‘Journey for Change’ program