ROTOM Canada’s 2020 Christmas Campaign


Warm greetings from Reach One Touch One Ministries Canada!

There is no question this year has brought more challenges and uncertainty than ever before. Through all the turmoil and disruption, I have seen grace – remarkably strong and compassionate people continue helping ROTOM Canada provide the best quality care for our seniors and their families in Uganda and Ethiopia. We ask that you continue to remember them during this Christmas season, with a gift, letter or prayer.

Many of our seniors and their families are thankful for the blessings of sponsorship through ROTOM as they experience hope through food support, health care, access to water or limited fellowship and many other tangible improvements in their lives. The Christmas season is a wonderful time to provide them with a message of love and best wishes with a personal gift that provides a sense of culture and dignity.

A $35 CAD donation will help ROTOM Canada provide an enduring message of hope and love along with a family sized thermos to help keep liquids and food hot or cold. This gift will help seniors and their grandchildren stay hydrated, enjoy their tea or food at the right temperature, reduces need for burning more wood for fires and provides a wonderful warm atmosphere for sharing stories and lessons. This 2-liter family-size thermos is made of strong, long lasting material and has a comfortable handle for easy pouring. Please consider donating $35 CAD to give a senior and their family a gift that provides a sense of culture and dignity.

The Importance of a Thermos

Senior Ida Nalumansi is caring for her four grandchildren who she loves very much. Ida enjoys spending time with her grandchildren as they share a cup of tea. She likes to make them tea in her kettle every morning and evening. During this time, she tells them stories which the grandchildren enjoy so much. She says that this is a great bonding time for them. However, she says that her kettle cannot keep their tea hot for a long time. Each time she would like to have a cup of tea, she has to prepare a fire and make it yet firewood is still a huge challenge for them. Moreover, during the school-going time, it is hard for her to prepare a cup of tea for her grandchildren before they can go to school because she is the same person helping them to dress up their uniforms and make sure they have what they need to begin their 20 minutes’ walk to school. She says that a flask would be very helpful for her and her grandchildren to have because it will keep their tea hot all day long and they can have it at any given time of the day as they enjoy their conversations.

With your support, we continue to change the lives of many seniors in Uganda and Ethiopia. Please consider giving a gift to help bring warmth to their Christmas season.

At the core of ROTOM Canada’s work is the idea that all seniors deserve to live out their lives with dignity and respect. Caring for our seniors has not changed over the past 17 years; in fact, this global pandemic has made our work to provide quality food, water, medical care and fellowship, even more critical. It is a matter of scale; the more donors give – the more seniors we can help.

I am humbled by the generosity and support from our community and everyone’s resilience to meet the challenges of this moment.

Have a blessed holiday season,

In appreciation,
Susan J. Elliott
Chair/CEO, ROTOM Canada

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