The activities of the ROTOM Champions program include;

  1. Identification and Selection.

  • We identify and select girls under the care of the older persons supported by ROTOM within Mukono and Rukiga districts of Uganda.
  • These students must be between the ages of 15 to 26 years of age.
  • We also select and identify other orphaned and vulnerable girls living within ROTOM operating areas of Mukono and Rukiga, although the first priority is given to those living under the care of elder persons.
  1. Identifying suitable institutions for Girls.

  • After a student is selected to join the program, we take them through Career guidance to support them choose the right course and suitable university or institution.
  1. Orientation for the girls.
  • In addition to this, the guardians of the selected students are also taken through the orientation of the program, with emphasis on what they need to expect and what ROTOM expects from them. This is to enable us work together for the good of the program and the girls.
  1. Payment of school fees, accommodation, and purchase of scholastic materials.

  • The program pays full tuition according to the university/institution fees structure until one completes school.
  • The program provides each student with a stipend for scholastic materials, personal needs, medical, stationery, and internet. Each student is advised to have a personal bank account that they can easily access. This money is wired on their accounts on a quarterly basis. This is to train the students in financial management. The stipend depends on what has been provided in the budget.
  1. Individual initiatives / Small projects

The program encourages girls to be creative and innovative throughout their time in the program. They are given opportunities to do different income-generating initiatives depending on their skills and abilities.

  1. Mentorship

Upon joining the ROTOM Champions program, each girl is attached to an individual mentor who guides them as they continue with their life journey with ROTOM. The mission for this mentorship program is to improve the academic achievement, self-esteem, social competence, and avoidance of problems/high-risk behavior by providing a relationship with a caring adult friend who works to help the beneficiaries to achieve their potential. With the help of mentors, we strive to have the mentees becoming more independent in their thinking and more accountable for actions.

  1. Monitoring the girls’ progress

  • Weekly phones are made to each girl to monitor their progress at home and school.
  • Quarterly visits are also made to monitor their progress, wellbeing, academic progress, health and emotional support; to give room to discuss the challenges these girls are facing at school and at home, and to find ways to support and empower them.
  • These visits are also made to encourage them to participate in leadership activities and other activities at school and in the community.
  1. Improve the spiritual growth of the Girls


  • Our beneficiaries have cell groups within the university or institution they are attending. They meet once a week to share the word of God, support, and encourage themselves. They have different spiritual topics each month to be discussed and are guided by the Program’s manager.

     9. Internship and Volunteering.

  •  We support our students to find better internship places for practice and provide them with some facilitation fees during their internships.
  • During school break, girls are advised and encouraged to find places for volunteering. Most of the girls’ volunteer with ROTOM both in Muhanga and Mukono. They support ROTOM staff in the field, health centers, and offices.
  1. Grad preparation Training.

  • The program also provides graduation preparation training to prepare girls with life after school. They are trained on how to write CVs, Resume, and cover letters.  They are also trained no how to present themselves in different professional fields, and how to network with people for support.