The ROTOM School

Over the last 15 years, ROTOM has undertaken different initiatives to support older persons to raise children left under their care. The ROTOM School is one of those initiatives. It was started in January 2018 with 30 children in Kindergarten and has since grown to currently 60 children in Kindergarten to Primary 2 (Grade 2).

The ROTOM School is a center of Innovation, Excellence and Character development. It was started by ROTOM to provide good quality basic education to children under the care of older persons. Located in Magoggo Village, Mukono Uganda, it provides a tranquil quiet environment conducive for children to learn.

The ROTOM school takes a classical Christian approach to enhance educational, spiritual, emotional, health and social skills development of the children it serves.


|Meet Christine, a ROTOM supported grandchild as she shares a day in her life.|