ROTOM Health Centers

ROTOM has two Health Centers; in Muhanga Rukiga District and Namubiru Mukono District. The ROTOM Health Centers exist to increase access to health services for older persons and other members of the community by offering:

  • Affordable health care to the elderly and other members of the community.
  • Older person-friendly environment with staff trained and oriented to care for older people.

The vision of the ROTOM Health Centers is to be Centers of excellence for geriatric care in Africa. We achieve this vision through providing quality holistic friendly and excellent health care to all seniors and the communities around us. These health centers serve both ROTOM beneficiaries and they are now open to the community.

The services offered include; outpatient department, inpatients (admission) department, laboratory services, physiotherapy services, medical outreaches, and health screening services, home-based care services in Namubiru and Muhanga. We also have 24-hour ambulance services in Mukono. The Muhanga center now offers dental services in Muhanga and Ultra-Scan services.