The reliability and quality of services provided by ROTOM is made possible by a team of dedicated and selfless staff, who work tirelessly to care for all ROTOM supported seniors and children. We take so much pride in the contribution that each staff brings to the team which enables us to daily live out ROTOM's vision and mission.

STAFF OF THE QUARTER: January - March 2021

Joan Nakanabi

Medical Records Officer

ROTOM Health Center - Mukono

Joan’s journey with ROTOM started 4 years ago-serving as a volunteer and later becoming a full time staff. If you happen to visit the ROTOM Health Center in Mukono, Joan is probably the first person you will meet with her infectious smile and excellent customer care. Joan always makes herself available to her team and spread so much joy wherever she is.

“I love serving with ROTOM because the seniors are so loving and appreciate everything that we do. Sometimes they come to my desk to whisper a thank you-even for the smallest thing I have done. The ROTOM team is kind and supportive, and they believe in me. This keeps me moving forward each and every day, and I always look forward to working the next day”, shares Joan.

Benon Ajuna

Medical Clinical Officer

ROTOM Health Center - Muhanga

Benon is a very warm person and always willing to help. He is very smart and organized and highly believes in excellence. His journey with ROTOM started three and a half years ago and has since served with the ROTOM Health Center in Muhanga.

“I love seniors and children, so I feel I’m in the right place. I am so grateful to God for being part of an organization that offers humanitarian services to vulnerable people. In my laboratory work, it’s quite a good feeling to be part of the medical team that makes diagnosis of the sick seniors and children, and also offer treatment to their illnesses” says Benon.

Evan Musenero


The ROTOM School

Being the youngest teacher on the team, Tr. Evan is a perfect fit for the 3-5 year olds. She has passion for her work and will always do her best to do even more for her learners just to make a difference in their lives. She is very attentive to each of her learners’ moods, and will easily make adjustments to keep them engaged during her lessons. What makes her quite outstanding is her skill in teaching letter sounds. Her creativeness brings in innovative ideas that will keep the children engaged so as to understand classroom instruction and grasp phonics.

“I love serving with The ROTOM School because there is a spirit of togetherness. The children, the teachers and all other ROTOM Staff are like one big family. We are always looking out for each other, and I really enjoy nurturing children and watching them become a better version of themselves”, Shares Tr. Evan.

Norah Makubuga

Project Manager
ROTOM Grandmothers' Support Project

Norah has worked for ROTOM for 14 years now and has played so many roles while with us. She is a very skilled organizer, mobilizer, coordinator and will go out of her way to make sure that everything is fixed and in order. Norah demonstrates great stewardship and she is a wonderful team player.

“My ROTOM story is a journey filled with so many stories to share. I love reaching out and interacting with the seniors-helping them cope with their daily challenges. It gives me so much joy when ROTOM is able to meet the needs of these vulnerable people. I am so motivated whenever I witness the transformation of the living conditions of ROTOM supported seniors and children”, Norah.

Frank Muheirwe

Security Guard
ROTOM Muhanga

Frank has been a faithful and committed staff who has worked with ROTOM for 13 years. ROTOM as an organization serving vulnerable and disadvantaged people has security needs which are significant and varied depending on those individuals seeking assistance. Frank has always ensured the safety of our staff and clients. We are very grateful for his judgement, assessment and commitment to excellence through his service.

Sharifa Birungi

ROTOM Mukono

Talk about dedication to the kitchen and commitment to cooking skills, Chef Sharifa is the person to go to. She is an expert for making delightful dishes that fill our stomachs with joy. All the dishes she prepares are made awesome with such sufficient quantities and great combinations.

“I love cooking for people. My favorite thing about my role at ROTOM is preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner for the staff in time. They are always so grateful for the meals that I prepare which warms my heart. I have experienced a community filled with love while serving at ROTOM, and I was so happy when I was selected as one of the best employees this year”, Sharifa.