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Through the ROTOM Senior Friendship Program, ROTOM is able to promote spiritual growth, health, food and income security of older persons and their households. Some of the activities done to achieve these are:

  • Facilitation of regular fellowships (support group meetings)
  • Home visitations
  • Healthcare
  • Nutrition education and provision of supplementary food for frail older persons.
  • Hygiene and sanitation education and inspection
  • Training older persons in simple agricultural technology
  • Training in savings and managing income-generating activities (IGAs)
  • Agricultural extension service – staff visit seniors and provide technical assistance and advice.
  • Providing planting materials and basic farm tools



Twice a Month, our grandpas and grandmas get together in a small church or community center near where they live. ROTOM currently has 27 senior fellowshipping centers. And these fellowships, the grandmas and grandpas sing, dance, learn about Jesus, encourage each other, and together share a BIG nutritious meal.

For the majority of our seniors, this is the only day they get out of their homes. So they are always looking forward to their senior fellowships.

“It was amazing when we first walked into the little church. The Jjajjas (seniors) were all singing to us and dancing. They were so excite dto see us. Every one of them wanted to shake our hands or hug us. They tied scarves around our waists and wanted us to shake our hips like they do. It was so much fun! I have never seen that much joy and energy out of a group of elderly women and men before! Amazing!” Jay Hartwell.