What we do

Reach One Touch One Ministries (ROTOM) facilitates a senior friendship program that offers various services to recipients including:

  • Regular home visits from ROTOM staff and volunteers
  • Free medical screening and treatment
  • Access to safe, secure, and healthier housing
  • Assistance to become self-sustaining and to achieve food security
  • Support with caring for grandchildren
  • Learning skills to improve their lives
  • The opportunity to hear a clear presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Specialized, geriatric care only available at ROTOM Health Centers
  • Sanitation and hygiene education
  • Medicine deliveries when needed
  • Participating in bi-weekly fellowship days with fellow seniors for Bible study, praise and worship, where they receive a hot nutritious meal, workshops for improving life skills, and can engage in various other activities.
  • More extreme interventions when needed; such as the reconstruction of a new home, provision of a safe kitchen, latrine, or bed, water collection barrels and other necessities as needs arise.

In addition, ROTOM partners with individuals and faith communities across the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Uganda and Ethiopia. These partners help underwrite the care of alienated seniors who do not have the familial support needed to thrive in their old age; regardless of that seniors’ particular faith.