Hallelujah! Senior Florence Nakumi Receives ROTOM Water Tank System

Florence Nakumi lives by herself on top of one of the hills in her community in Uganda. Down in the valley is a piped spring water well that serves a population of over 5000 people in her village and surrounding communities. Florence has grown weak and can barely move a distance of 1 KM without making several stops. Down the hill is a very steep slope that leads to the water well. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for Florence to walk up and down this steep slope to collect water. Florence has been surviving on the little water her neighbors are able to collect for her when they go to the well. This water has been barely enough to help her do all her daily chores.

Recently, Florence received a water tank from ROTOM and she is beyond happy. She is now able to harvest rain water off her roof which provides enough water for her for months. She no longer has to bed her neighbors for water. Instead, she is generous to share some of her water with them as well. Having this tank means that Florence can use most of her time to do her house chores peacefully without worrying about the long trek to collect water!

“Sometimes the children help me because it is difficult for me. This place is so hilly and steep, and I can’t manage the daily journeys. I have grown older and weak,” says Florence. Now with a tank installed at her home Florence has access to water right in the comfort of her home.