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Our frail seniors in Uganda and Ethiopia face hopelessness and despair every day. Right now there are 19 Waiting Seniors looking for friendship! Start a Senior Friendship today for $38 a month, and change the life of a ROTOM Ugandan or Ethiopian senior! A Senior like Christina needs you!

How Does Sponsorship Work?

For only $38 a month, if you choose sponsorship, ROTOM Uganda and/or ROTOM Ethiopia will be able to offer free medical treatment, monthly food support to improve their health, regular home visits, teaching them skills to improve his daily living, and improve his income and food security. In addition your senior will also have access to safe, secure housing and be able to participate in fellowship gatherings bi-monthly with other ROTOM seniors to share their stories of similarity in this season of life!


UG-002-514 Christina Nakintu
UG-002-514 Christina Nakintu

Christina is in good health and lives with her daughter in her two-roomed house. They have recently built a kitchen shelter; and their pit latrine is old without a roof and their lighting comes from a native lantern. She sleeps on an old mattress on the floor with old bedding. The only water source comes from a village borehole – non-potable for drinking and cooking but it’s used because it’s all they have.

Like many other seniors in her village, her health is fading, too. She has high blood pressure, overall body pain and she receives medical care from ROTOM each month. Her legs are also in bad condition from working excessively at her old age.

Would you be willing to help Christina with the struggles she faces daily?

 ET 1-086 Abrehet Weldemikael Gebremedihin
ET 1-086 Abrehet Weldemikael Gebremedihin

Abrehet is not married, has no children and lives in an old rental house made of mud and wattle that has a leaky tin roof. She has a wooden bed covered with very old bedsheets and an old mattress. She cooks and sleeps in the same room and also shares a toilet with 6 households.

Abrehet has cardiac issues, hypertension, asthma, and hypoxemia. She has received medical treatment in the past when well-wishers gave her the funds. Later, these generous people decided to no longer provide for her and treatment ceased.  She only buys medicine for hypoxemia and asthma since she cannot afford the other medications. She just waits for Gods’ mercy. She used to work as a maidservant but due to her age and worsening physical pain, she cannot work. Now she collects trash – plastic bottles to sell to provide for basic needs as she struggles on a daily basis to make ends meet.

Abdul Sserunjoji
UG-002-549 Abdul Sserunjoji

Abdul lives with his wife, Hatiya in a brick and cement house. It has an old tin roof that leaks when it rains, a dirt floor and wooden windows and doors. They sleep on a very old mattress using an old blanket and fairly good bed sheets. The pit latrine the couple uses for their restroom is in bad condition; the structure is very low to the ground and poorly built.

Abdul and Hatiya have two children; a son and daughter. Unfortunately, his son died several years ago. Their daughter, who lives about 70 miles away rarely visits and doesn’t support her parents. In total, Abdul has 4 grandchildren but has not seen them in many years as they rarely visit their grandparents. He in poor health overall after hurting his from a bicycle accident months ago. He also has a hernia, stomach ulcers, pain in his legs and high blood pressure and does not have money to see a doctor. Abdul used to be a peasant farmer before his injury. Now he relies on his wife who makes and sells textiles to support. Unfortunately, there are few buyers who can purchase. Help Abdul by saying YES!

Zenebech Alamaw Tesafa ET 1-093
Zenebech Alamaw Tesafa ET 1-093

Zenebech is a widow as her husband died 10 years ago and she has lost all of her four children due to tragic circumstances. She still has room in her hear to smile! She is currently living in Ethiopia in a two-room, older rental home that is made of mud, wattle and straw. She has a wooden bed covered with a mattress and sheets. She cooks and sleeps in the same room and shares a toilet with 6 households. 

Sadly she has cardiac problems, hypertension, asthma and gastric issues. She has only seen a doctor once for her condition, and cannot pay for any medical treatment. Before the Covid-19 Pandemic, she prepared Injera, the local bread selection to sell, but since has not been physically able to continue. She depends solely on the support of her niece.


“I came that they may have life and have it to the full.” John 10:10 (NIV)