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Joyce lives in her late parents’ house. It is a brick and cement house with a fairly good roof. She lives with 6 grandchildren. 2 granddaughters and 4 grandsons. Ranging in age from 4 to 11. She has bad high blood pressure and hearing loss and backaches. She has not sought medical care due to finances. She is the caregiver for all her grandchildren. Joyce grows food for her family but mostly survives on the kindness of others.

UG 002-538 Joyce Nabachwa

Teberh lives in a very old, one-room mud and wattle home with her orphaned granddaughter, 16 and grandson, 15. They attend school on scholarships. Teberh is widowed and begs to try to feed herself and her grandchildren. She has very poor eyesight and other health issues but has not sought medical help due to lack of funds. They try to help by giving her home remedies for her health.

ET 1-082 Teberh Gebrewahid Gebregzaber

UG002-537 Yafesi (Japheth) Nakyanga

Yafesi lives in a 4 room brick and cement house he built in his youth.  It has 3 bedrooms and a living space. It has a tin roof and wooden door and window shutters. His pit latrine is in poor condition and was never finished. Ysefi has 2 surviving daughters, Efrance and Florence. He lives with Efrance and her son, Ivan. Florence lives nearby in the city and provides support as well as visits often.
Yasefi is in poor health with multiple issues
but rarely sees a doctor due to limited finances.

UG 002-539 Kiseku Kakunguluh

Kiseku lives in rented one room brick and cement house. The house has a good roof and a wooden door but no windows. He has no bedframe but a good mattress and very old blanket, and he uses a very old pit latrine. A neighbor provides him with meals. Kiseku has been separated from his wife for many years and has no surviving children. He has cloudy vision and muscle pain. He is unable to work. His grandson, Okia helps to pay his rent. Otherwise, he depends on the kindness of others.

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