Our waiting Senior Friends

At the current time we have 13 seniors waiting for a friend like you.

ET 1-077 Fetenu Wesen

Fetenu lives in a one room government house.  It is made of mud, wattle and straw with an old tin roof.  She cooks where she sleeps and uses the shared toilet.  She is divorced and has one living son that lives in the same compound and does day labor to provide her with bread.  Fetenu has vision problems, back and joint pain. Due to her sight she cannot work and sometimes begs on the street.

 Josephine is widowed and lives alone in her 4 room mud and wattle house.  It has weak doors and windows and is poorly ventilated. Her roof is in good condition. All of her living children are married and moved far away except one daughter, who lives in the same village. She helps her mother with working the garden which is her only source of income. Josephine suffers from peptic ulcers, back and joint pain but has not sought medical care due to finances.

UG 001-232 Josephine Nyakwene

UG 001-298 Demitiira Busingye

Demitiira lives with her grandson, Joel, who is seven. His father, Benjamin, pays his school fees. They live in a five room house built with mud and wattle.  It is safe to live in and the roofing is good.  She has a new kitchen and new pit latrine.  She shares a bed with her grandson.  She is a widow with 2 living children.  Demitiira is a peasant farmer that cultivates her garden for food.  Sometimes her son provides basics like salt and soap.

Mwajuma lives in a 2 room brick and cement house. The room where she spends her days is dark with tiny windows. She sleeps on the floor on a small mattress with old but clean bedding. She does not want a bedframe as she cannot stand. Mwajuma is recently widowed with 1 surviving daughter, Tereza. Tereza cleans and takes care of all her mother’s needs as well as provides for her as best she can while also taking care of her own children.

UG 002-534 Mwajuma Nalujja

UG002-537 Yafesi (Japheth) Nakyanga

Yafesi lives in a 4 room brick and cement house he built in his youth.  It has 3 bedrooms and a living space. It has a tin roof and wooden door and window shutters. His pit latrine is in poor condition and was never finished. Ysefi has 2 surviving daughters, Efrance and Florence. He lives with Efrance and her son, Ivan. Florence lives nearby in the city and provides support as well as visits often. Yasefi is in poor health with multiple issues but rarely sees a doctor due to finances.

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