UG Testimonial: Rovinsa Basabosa during COVID-19

Blessings to ROTOM! “I am so grateful for all the efforts and treatment I received from the ROTOM health workers. I never, even for one moment, felt alone because they were always there checking on me all the time. Today, I have won this battle to COVID and I feel so loved,” says a joyful Rovinsa Basabosa.

Senior Rovinsa is a diabetic patient on oral medications and on 15th June 2021 when she visited the ROTOM health Center in Mukono, she had flu, a dry cough, chest pain, mild difficulty in breathing and high-grade body temperatures (fever). Upon investigation, she tested positive for COVID 19.

Rovinsa received counseling which greatly built her determination to start treatment and fight off the virus. She was then initiated on treatment and her blood sugars were controlled for the next 5 days. All these 5 days, Rovinsa was cared for by the ROTOM Health Center medical staff for which she was so grateful. She was then discharged after stabilization to go home and self-isolate. On June 25, 2021, she tested negative for COVID-19.