ET Testimonials: Granny Tsehay Ashebir & Senior Tsige

We happily are bringing you the story of Granny Tsehay Ashebir and Senior Tsige both from Ethiopia. Granny Tsehay’s supporting friend, founder of ROTOM Kenneth Mugayehwenkyi, visited her for the first time in January of 2016 and learned about her incredible life journey. He was so amazed at her resiliency to have survived this long under such difficult living conditions, and is humbled at God’s ever increasing grace in her life.

In Granny Tsehay’s words, she tells us of her testimony:

“Thirty-three long years ago, I moved from north Ethiopia to here in Debre Zeit, to escape persecution for my faith in Jesus. Though I was now free to practice my faith, it was still difficult to make a living. I did what I could to survive by washing clothes for a frighteningly small income. But God provided for me and somehow it was just enough. Now I am 70 years old, and I can no longer work. For the last five years, I have suffered frequently from chest pains, and my left side is terribly weak. I doubt I will ever regain strength in my left side to be able to work again. My only way to survive was to beg in the streets. But now, praise be to God, He has continued to smile on me and bless me by bringing me into the care of Reach One Touch One Ministries! My life has purpose again! I don’t know if I would have grown much older than I am now if ROTOM had not found me. I am so thankful for the monthly supplies and the nutritious meals we get at the fellowships,” she continued.

“Most of all though, I am especially thankful that I can share my faith with other seniors when we meet at the fellowship. I have also committed to pray for each of them that they may know Christ as their savior and realize the great love He has for them. I am so thankful to God and to ROTOM. May the Lord bless you all your life,” she says.

Senior Tsige (left-side) recalls to our ROTOM Ethiopia staff

“My children thank you so much. You’ve given me the privilege to see the outside. I haven’t seen it in over 30 years. You give me an opportunity to chat with people and see the fresh air. You give me dignity. I am speechless.”