Executive Director, Dave’s Reflections from Ethiopia Trip

What a joy it was to be back in Ethiopia again.  It is amazing how things have changed in only 4 years and to be lovingly greeted at the airport by Hawi with her beloved mentor and friend Windamu! We set off with our team from The Ascent Church in Monument, CO on November 8th […]

Rampant Food Crisis Among ROTOM Seniors Continues

Hunger is a worldwide catastrophe. The global food crisis is real. We are working hard to assure our seniors and families do not go hungry. The most intractable problem our seniors grapple with in Uganda is malnutrition. This is now an on-going issue caused by lack of enough nutritious food worsened by the economic conditions […]

Hunger Has No Season!

Can you imagine what you may feel like when you’re running on an empty stomach. A really empty stomach. You do not have access to a quick snack or any food to satisfy your immediate hunger. Not only are you completely distracted by how hungry you feel and cannot focus on anything else, but you […]

Reeds Arrive Safely in Debre Zeit Ethiopia!

Dave and his wife Sherri arrived safely in Ethiopia Thursday morning, November 10th. There to greet their team is ROTOM country director, Hawi Belete! We’re exuberant to know God carried our leaders safely to their mission. Pray specifically, please for traveling mercies and health during the entirety of their trip. Click the photo and watch […]

Cooperstown Church of God hosts 1st Friendship Sunday

We’re humbled and grateful for this amazing, on fire for God, church, Cooperstown Community Church of God, which is being led by Pastor Williams. They hosted their first Friendship Sunday presentation on Oct. 30th, 2022. Pastor Williams opened his introduction of ROTOM with a genuine message, calling for those with a heart for missions by saying “we’ve been looking […]

National Christian Foundation – Bringing in a New, Non-cash Gift Option

Did you know that the way we give can truly transform our lives? We have seen that giving brings forth transformation. Lately there has even been sentiment like “friends don’t let friends give cash.” What does this phrase actually mean? Recently, ROTOM USA opened a Single Charity Fund through National Christian Foundation (NCF) to assist […]

Senior Departure Has a Happy Ending!

Brace yourself, this senior departure has a happy ending. You’ll even need to grab your tissues! “I must thank ROTOM for the gift of Lovinsa in my life all these years says Angela H., a ROTOM senior friend. Whatever humble help I was able to send her way, she gave me a hundredfold more in […]

ROTOM Uganda in Canada This Week!


This past week, our ROTOM founder Kenneth and several staff traveled to Canada to evangelize for ROTOM. Our organization’s support has been made possible because of many faithful friends including Canadian grandmothers through The Stephen Lewis Foundation and the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign. Also, during their visit this past week, ROTOM Uganda had the opportunity […]

Strengthening the Capacity at ROTOM Health Centers in Uganda

We are happy to announce and provide this exciting update about the ability to further build capacity at our Health Centers in Uganda. On a daily basis, we provide excellent care to older persons and members of the surrounding community! ROTOM encourages others’ open access to the medical services at ROTOM Health Centers for a […]