Johnson & Jane Receive a Blessing

Water Tanks make a big splash for a special couple sponsored in our Friendship Program

Johnson and his wife were very happy after receiving the water drum. He narrated to us the story of how he and his wife Jane were suffering before they received their new water tank from their sponsor. He said he was, “very grateful about how God answered his prayers by using his senior friend to send him very special donation money to install a water tank at his home.” God has sent him many blessings and this my friends is living proof of when the generosity of our donors through the senior friendship program get together for one family’s need, we can make a tremendous impact in the lives of dear seniors like Johnson and Jane!

We also saw two other senior’s receive their water tanks; those were constructed by the special donation money from their senior friends from the U.S. This has helped them to harvest rain water when it rains. We thank you very much friends for your tremendous support. We appreciate you giving your blessings to this year’s WASH water storage tank fund. You’re known and loved!