Reflections while in the Field: Ethiopia

One of the most fulfilling and encouraging things ROTOM friend Sherry Skinner says she has ever done, was to visit the ROTOM grannies and grandpas in Ethiopia.

Sheridan “Sherry” Skinner accompanied by her senior Birbo and husband, Scott

Sherry, a sponsor to several seniors in Ethiopia, says that each one is special in a different way. “Each senior touched my heart within minutes of our meeting. Some visits were funny, some were touching, and some quite serious once we learned the individual circumstances that each of these precious seniors faced.” She added that “it is humbling because I do not have the strength to endure what they do on a daily basis. And in each one, the love and gratitude they showered on me, uplifts me like nothing else.”

It is difficult for Sherry to travel so far away, but the minute she met these precious seniors and visited them personally at their homes, she says it was all worth it. “My own discomforts all became insignificant after witnessing the daily lifestyles that these brave grannies and grandpas lived! I am truly humbled that God paved a way for me to participate in this ministry. Supporting these precious seniors through ROTOM has become the heart of my spiritual life,” Sherry concluded.

While on her trip to Ethiopia, one precious grandpa, Birbo, really grabbed her heart and became part of her family. Sherry says that he faces challenges with both humor and grace and deep love and that she fell for him instantly; and, did not want to leave when the visit was over! During the visit Birbo shared his home, family and their life stories with the journey for change group. A time of heartfelt connections!

Her’s is a story of passion and commitment and helps meet the spiritual, social and physical needs of the elderly in our ministry. Because of the traits like Sherry’s and others, our seniors are standing firm. We are grateful for making it possible and to be on this journey with you!

“I am so blessed to participate in this ministry. I have gained family, made friends and found a spiritual purpose previously unknown to me. In ROTOM I have found my real focus and am so fulfilled when I am able to help the poor and widows as our Lord and Savior commanded us. This is true religion, not just sitting in a pew each week. I wish everyone was able to go and visit these precious grannies and grandpas and see how we can do God’s work in a way that blesses them and us,” Sherry concludes.

Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, and plead the widow’s cause. Isaiah 1:17, ESV