Champions Project Student Testimonial: Barbra Nabacwa

Nabacwa Barbra

Barbra Nabacwa, now part of our ROTOM family started with a Glimmer of Hope! The ROTOM Champions’ Project started in 2012 with 15 students, and between 2012 and 2021 has supported 180 students through the project. Currently, the project supports 82 students. Since its inception in 2012, 96 students have graduated from the project, and out of these, 85% are now gainfully employed and are able to care for themselves, grandparents and extended family.

Barbra is one of the very first children enrolled in the ROTOM Champions’ Project. She joined the project in 2012 when she was in secondary 2 (Grade 9). After 8.5 years of being supported through the project, Barbra graduated in December 2021 with a Certificate in Nursing. She is currently 25 years old; these are her words:

“My heart burns with pleasure every time I see the smiling face of my grandmother. Because of ROTOM and her partners, my grandmother is indeed living a fulfilled life. ROTOM held my hand. ROTOM showered me with extraordinary love. ROTOM walked with me. ROTOM raised me higher. ROTOM made me a victorious champion. ROTOM made me a woman of substance, a woman mentored and motivated. Moreover, because of ROTOM, I have lived to become an important woman in my family and community. ROTOM provided me with education, through which I was able to acquire the knowledge, skills, and ability to care, treat, and save lives.

I’m ready to use my nursing knowledge and skills, especially thorough giving first aid to serve my community which I never imagined doing. I am passionate about healthy living and I’m committed to living my dream now that I have it. Thank you so much ROTOM!”

Thank you Nabacwa for being our first Champion ❤️ You’re known, loved by everyone one of us at ROTOM.