Reflections from Josh & Lindsey – Changing Lives for the Good!!

Josh and Lindsey, long-time donors of ROTOM, discovered something quite remarkable during their trip to Uganda. The impact it made on them was even more life-changing than ever imagined!

Upon visiting the seniors in their homes, they brought gifts of food and other small items for each senior. In addition, they had the opportunity to meet Uganda staff and see with their own eyes the impact being made in the senior’s lives! While at a Senior Fellowship meeting, they experienced a totally different environment than a “typical day” in Pennsylvania. Our staff at ROTOM could not thank you both enough, for your faithfulness to our ministry and being a blessing to our seniors and their dependents who struggle to get by each and every day. We’re sharing this story of their journey to inspire you!

Here is a collection of reflections captured by Josh and Lindsey. Enjoy!

“The difference is that with each gift something extra was delivered right along with it. This “extra” arrived with each and every delivery made in Uganda. Every item carried within its contents something that initially we could not see. In addition to the physical items that showed up on those doorsteps in Uganda – HOPE was delivered, too.

Those deliveries in Uganda meant so much to those seniors and their families there. It meant that they were not alone. They were not forgotten. Our team was blessed to be a reminder that Emmanuel lives – that God is with us. And, there is no greater HOPE than that.”

Of all the things we witnessed during our 2 weeks in Uganda nothing was more profound than the HOPE that now lives in those people. In a place defined by poverty, loss, and death exists an amazing and inspiring HOPE…that…ENDURES.

We could not end this story without sharing the change that this trip has had on our lives. We foolishly thought we were headed to Uganda to change their world, when in fact, our world has been changed, too.

Our arrival in the country was greeted with a poverty we had never before seen. Immediately we realized how blessed we are to live in a place called America! Despite the heartbreaking circumstances and scenery, we found ourselves surrounded by people with HOPE and LOVE. People who blessed us, invited us into their homes, and into their families…forever. Our family grew exponentially in Uganda – and we will never forget how much we have been blessed!”

Many thanks,

Lindsey & Josh

Long-time Senior Friends in Pennsylvania