Special Impact Funds

These funds allow us to meet needs that are not covered in the monthly friendship program, but that many of us take for granted as essential to our daily lives.

Health & Medical Services

Provides seniors with geriatric care, home visits,  medicine delivery, health screenings and purchases equipment for ROTOM Health Centers.

Home Safety & Security

Provide repairs to existing homes, or builds new housing if needed, sheltered kitchens and offers sustainable solar lighting for seniors.

Food & Income Security                

Provides livestock and farming materials, with education on how best to manage these resources. Nutrition education, income generation training and other skills training are also provided.


The Water, Sanitation & Hygiene fund or W.A.S.H. provides seniors with water storage systems for safe drinking water, builds sturdy and safe latrines, and offers personal hygiene education to the seniors as needed.

Dependent Care Fund                

Offers assistance for dependent children through financial assistance for health care,  education, and nutrition, emotional and social support as well as leadership and skills development.

USA Partnership Fund

This funding is used for the operational, marketing and staffing costs in our USA office. Your gifts allow us to coordinate all senior information, collect donations and keep you informed of activities and needs for your seniors and their dependent grandchildren.