Clean Water Access Essential for Disabled Senior

Jane Nabawanuka

Meet Jane Nabawanuka

Access to clean and safe water in their homes is one of the most pressing needs of our seniors’ households. On a daily basis, they must travel miles to find potable water – collecting the only water they have in swamps, ponds, boreholes. For Jane Nabawanuka’s family, receiving a water tank gifted by her ROTOM senior friend, was crucial for her care needs and just to survive.

Jane injured one of her legs badly in an accident in 2019. Unfortunately, even with medical treatment, her leg did not heal properly. This serious injury resulted in an infection and the paralysis of both legs; and she has been bedridden ever since. Because of her current disability, she is 100% dependent on her caregiver and what she feels as helpless. She requires constant support to change bed positions or even move from one place to another.

Her granddaughter, Florence who lives in the neighborhood is currently her caregiver. Every day, she cooks, cleans, bathes Jane, washes her clothes and carries her from one place to another. This is a huge burden. Having nearby water access has eased some of these needs. The only community borehole that’s close to their home most of time is out of service. And, the very few times it is working, there are so many people fighting for water that she cannot even access it.

Her granddaughter, Florence, shared with us the relief and joy while discussing their situation and this wasn’t just from a stranger’s perspective either. It was about to change her whole world! Did you know that 8 million Ugandans are affected by not having access to nearby clean water? By her family receiving a new water storage system from ROTOM, the most essential ‘building block’ of life, a heavy burden has been lifted for her! Not having clean and nearby water made it extremely difficult to care for her grandmother. All the different chores that she does each day relies on it. However, their community’s stream was so many miles away, it was often tiresome but like a lot of our seniors, became the norm. Those trips are finally over!

Now, with a new ROTOM water tank and storage system installed for Jane’s family, these two ladies are extremely gracious and have water close to their home. Access to clean water is no longer a worry, because it is always assured.

“I always worried about my granddaughter Florence. She not only has the burden of caring for me every day; she also had to search for water to help her with the chores. Today, I am so glad that ROTOM blessed me with a water tank. I can’t believe that I have water right outside my door. I am happy and thankful because the impact of this water tank is going to live on-not just for me but for many generations in my family to come. Thank you so much ROTOM!” says Jane.

Thank you for giving the gift of water during our campaign last year. Water is a vital necessity for Jane’s everyday survival. You can donate to our spring campaign, Just One Drop by clicking this link.

Article edited by Stephanie Matty