Partner with Us

Partnering with ROTOM through local churches is a vital part of our ministry to African Seniors. Your community of faith has the opportunity to make a lasting impact here and on the other side of the world! Be a part of the global church and consider engaging in one of the following opportunities below.


  • Invite a ROTOM representative to visit your church
  • Share ROTOM’s ministry to seniors in Uganda with your congregation during service or at Bible study, home group or youth group
  • Add a link to ROTOM’s website on your church website
  • Request an offering be made for a specific ROTOM program/fund
  • Organize a fundraiser for ROTOM
  • Support ROTOM regularly from your missions budget, deacons fund or special offering (e.g., Partnership Fund, Senior Friendship Program)
  • Designate a time near October 1 (International Day for Older Persons) as ROTOM Partner Week
  • Sponsor a team to Uganda
  • We are open if you have other suggestions


  • Join the Advocacy & Advisory Council (serve in close partnership with ROTOM staff and board in an area of your interest and gifts)
  • Serve as volunteer, missionary, or intern
  • Become a friend to a senior (only $38/month)


  • Become a partner in making the facilitation of our outreach possible (support the Partnership Fund)
  • Share ROTOM with your clients, invite them to join you in reaching the seniors in need
  • Support a senior or specific outreach (e.g. housing fund)
  • Take an experiential trip to Africa with your clients and/or teams


  • The knowledge that you are changing lives
  • Awareness that you are showing value to all stages of human life
  • A greater compassion for the aging around the globe
  • Increased cultural awareness and empathy
  • Heightened awareness of being a part of the global church
  • Tax benefits
  • Recognition on ROTOM Website
  • Recognition on ROTOM Social Media sites
  • Recognition in ROTOM Newsletter
  • Opportunities to volunteer
  • Short term mission opportunities
  • Opportunity to share the blessings God has given you

Yes, I am interested in learning more about partnering with ROTOM.