Letter from Senior Teopista – Additional Gifts Bring Much Happiness!

Greetings from Uganda dear Philip & Caitlin Landry. It is your friend Teopista writing to you today. I am glad that you and me, we are friends. I am happy for the extra donations I got from you. Thank you so much for thinking about me in a special way like that. I was extremely happy when ROTOM staff told me about this good news.
The money you sent to me helped me to buy a number of things that I didn’t have at home. And each item means a lot in my life.
I bought plastic chairs; I had no decent chairs for my visitors to sit on. I was making my visitors sit on stamps or logs. I also bought plates, basins and cups. I didn’t have enough plates, basins and cups in my house. My grandchildren had break most of them. But this time I bought unbreakable cups. I also bought a new radio and its batteries! My house was so quiet without any radio. I was missing music, news and gospel. However, when it was news time, I could visit my neighbors to listen to news then after I go back to my house.  I am glad that I own mine now. In the mid of the night, I fail to get sleep, the radio helps me to play music for me in this quiet time.
I also bought groceries like cornmeal flour, peanut paste, rice, sugar, bread, matchboxes, salt, beef and soap. I had no food in the garden since it was time to clear gardens for next planting season. I had harvested and eaten all sweet potatoes, beans and corn. I am planning and clearing to plant new ones when it starts raining. Thank you so much that I have food now in my house.
I also used the money to put a new door on my pit latrine. I am glad that it is a private place. We can use our latrine without any worry to be seen by the people using the road and also by my neighbors.
My grandsons Daniel and Constant were very glad too for the donation you sent to us. They had taken long time without eating bread and enjoying taking porridge with sugar. Thank you so much. May God bless you so much for making my life easy. Please send my greetings to every one living with you.
Your loving, Teopista Nakimbugwe
(On the right-side is Teopista standing in front of their pit latrine with a new door.)
Letter assisted by our field staff Grace in Uganda.