20th Celebrations Testimonial from of a Founding Donor

For our 20th Year Thanksgiving Celebration at ROTOM Uganda, we’re so grateful for donors like our beloved Sandra Gravatt who gave a daily, personal account during our thanksgiving week there from Oct. 1-7! We hope you’ll enjoy perusing the photos she took and posted online while visiting her senior Ida Nakazibwe.

Sandra writes, “What an awesome day in Uganda! God is in control! We went to a ROTOM Senior Center today and my senior that I sponsor was there. I hadn’t planned on seeing her until our home visits. It’s been an amazing experience! Wow! I had the privilege to witness with my own eyes the achievements that ROTOM has made over the 20 years,” it was in this moment that Sandra was changed. She continues, “God has opened my eyes in so many ways during the trip. The ROTOM team here is the most God-giving, loving, and caring that you could ever know! My main purpose to come Uganda for the Celebrations was to meet my Senior that I sponsor, and it was amazing. My senior takes care of 3 out of 7 of her grandchildren because the parents have gone to find jobs. ROTOM, with the help of my support, provides fellowship, supplies, medical needs and the love of God to them! I was also able to visit and fellowship with several senior village centers around Mukono, Uganda. While there, I had the opportunity to hear and witness firsthand so many testimonies of blessings that these seniors received from the ROTOM staff and the people that support them. It was so overwhelming!

Kenneth, Miriam and all the ROTOM staff are so motivated by the glory of God, that is contagious! I have seen with my own eyes the fruits of their labor. They will all hold a very special place in my heart and they will be forever in my prayers. Please keep the seniors and the amazing staff here at Reach One Touch One ministries in your prayers.”

If you or your friends would like to attend our online U.S. Celebration happening at Galloway Church on Sat., October 28th 6PM EST – please click here to watch the livestream on their YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/@GallowayChurchOnline

20th Anniversary Celebration in Uganda Photo Gallery from Sandra