Put Your Hands Together to Welcome our New Advancement Director

Matt Cunningham

We want our donors to please welcome Matt Cunningham, our incoming Director of Advancement who comes to us with both ministry and non-profit experience with The Salvation Army. Matt will be replacing Dave Reed who is retiring from ROTOM after spending nearly 6 years as our beloved executive director. During Matt’s time with The Salvation Army, he pastored three churches in Thomasville, Gainesville, and Columbus Georgia. All three of these churches also had numerous programs that fell under his leadership that included homeless and transitional housing, thrift stores, community centers, social services, and full church programming. After faithfully serving these churches, Matt was promoted to the headquarters level and served on their Divisional Board. He was tasked with programming and summer camps for the Kentucky and Tennessee Divisions; thereafter the Texas Division. With his heart being at the field level, Matt was then transferred to Chattanooga, Tennessee where he shepherded other pastors and was charged with the care of four churches including, a bureau of prisons program, social services, and community advancement. At the heart of all of his appointments with The Salvation Army was advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and developing resources and relationships so that the work could flourish and the Kingdom of God could advance in those respective areas.

Matt and his wife Danielle make their home in Cleveland, TN in a small town outside of Chattanooga along with their 3 children. He and his wife have always done ministry together and she has always been his biggest supporter. They also have a grown son who stayed in Texas when they moved to Tennessee. They are proud of the talents and gifts that all of their children use to edify the Kingdom.


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