Happening Now!

Give the gift of life. Give clean water. 

JUST $200 provides a clean water system that can save a senior’s life!                     

Will you help change a life?     

Senior Friend, Rose Nakate was unable to travel the long distance to collect water, so she was forced to beg for water from her neighbors. The constant nagging absence of water meant there was not enough for bathing or washing clothes. Her neighbors complained that she was not clean and refused to invite her to their gatherings. Granny Rose recalls the sting of embarrassment due to the crass comments of her neighbors.

Recently, ROTOM provided and installed a clean water tank for Granny Rose. Now, this dear woman beams as she talks of being able to shower regularly. She describes how this gift has restored her dignity in the community and removed her shame.

Thank you to all of those who are making the gift of clean water a reality. The impact on the lives of our senior friends is immeasurable. Our clean water campaign will conclude with our first Fundraising concert. If you haven’t taken the time to make sure that your senior friend has a clean water system, now is the time!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to change a life by giving the gift of clean water.