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Give the gift of life. Give clean water. 

JUST $200 provides a clean water system that can save a senior’s life!                     

Will you help change a life?          

At 80+ years of age, Senior Julita was having a very hard time collecting water in her village in south western Uganda which is very mountainous. With only a stream that crossed through the valley in her village, Julita had to trek several miles up and down the steep hills only to collect a 5 liter jerrycan of water. Moreover, this was not even enough to meet all her daily chores. It would take her almost half a day to go and come back from the water point because she had to make several rest stops. On some lucky days, some of her village mates would help her carry the water if they met her along the way.

Julita recently received a 1000 liter rain water harvest tank from ROTOM. This new precious gift means no more long treks in search for water. She is so excited about her water tank and says it has been an answered prayer.

Pictured above: Senior Julita had just come back from her garden; she was ready to collect some water in her basin to take a bathe. Julita says she was always worried about getting dirty while she was tending to her garden because she knew how difficult it would be for her to get water to wash herself and her clothes. However, this is now not even close to her worries anymore. She’s living in abundance and sometimes even shares her water with her neighbors.