Become a ROTOM VOC Health Care Hero Today!

Have you ever stopped to think twice about what life would look like if you didn’t have health insurance? When a sickness or health emergency happens, we feel secure in knowing we’re protected during a crisis.

Meet Senior Sauda Nakirijja, who is 80 years old who lives alone, and is weak and frail from the effects of aging. Upon entering the ROTOM Friendship Program in 2006, she was independent and owned a small garden with her sister. In 2016 when her sister died, Sauda became dependent on her neighbors for help. They provided a daily meal and oversight, but often she was left home alone for days. Then ROTOM’s village volunteer began visiting Sauda daily to help her with the tasks of bathing and preparing meals. But with the limited resources, this was not sustainable. The tasks became overwhelming! Our Senior Friendship Program funds can no longer meet all of her needs. So Sauda was then moved to the Village Outreach Center (VOC) where full-time caregivers provide immediate aid to several of the seniors, altogether.

Bring hope to a Frail Senior today. This is were we need your help! A $150 gift will provide Sauda or others like her with one-month of care needs. Become a Senior Health Care Hero today and show God’s love for these precious seniors as they face the challenges of aging, seeking to find hope and dignity in their final years.

We are asking that you help the senior friends you love and take action! You can help spread the word! Ask your church, bible study or friends to take up a one-time offering. Will you become a frail senior’s hero today?