Cooperstown Church of God hosts 1st Friendship Sunday

We’re humbled and grateful for this amazing, on fire for God, church, Cooperstown Community Church of God, which is being led by Pastor Williams. They hosted their first Friendship Sunday presentation on Oct. 30th, 2022. Pastor Williams opened his introduction of ROTOM with a genuine message, calling for those with a heart for missions by saying “we’ve been looking for places where God is at work; and I believe I found one in this ministry, ROTOM.” He continued, “I really believe God birthed this ministry into existence and I stand here as your pastor and am saying that I really believe God wants us to be a part of what he’s doing!”

The ROTOM presentation began with Dennis Baker, a former ROTOM board member who now attends CCOG, who provided the background of how ROTOM started in Franklin, PA with the support of some of his friends in the Venango County. He shared a detailed description of how Kenneth heard “the calling” while living here in the U.S. His friends, Jimmie Shoemaker and Gwen Kaler encouraged Kenneth to return to Uganda and birth the organization based on his experience with the first ROTOM senior, Elizabeth and her two grandchildren.

Dennis conclude his presentation by reading a section from his latest senior letter saying “I am writing that my heart is filled with Gratitude and may the good Lord bless you through me.” At the conclusion of his presentation, a group of volunteers worked the Friendship Sunday table explaining in more detail how people can be involved in ROTOM. This includes sponsoring a senior friend in Ethiopia or Uganda, contributing to special needs and supporting the USA office or field offices financially. They shared stories of how you are able to send letters back and forth with your senior with copies of letters from their own senior.  This group of volunteers included Ted Bean, his wife Diane Hasek, and Josh Strawbridge. ROTOM founder and Executive Director Kenneth and his wife Meriam watched the service at CCOG via Facebook LIVE from Canada.

Afterwards, Ted shared with us that ROTOM happily added 13 NEW senior friendships and the church also took up an offering for ROTOM. “It was an awesome church service … and I am convinced that, while the sharing virtually is important to growing the ministry, people are very eager for face to face worship everywhere, but especially in rural America.” By being able to present the ministry of ROTOM in person, the church was able to make those connections that prompted the hearts of our new donors.

We’re so very grateful to an amazing bunch of sisters and brothers for opening their loving doors to our beloved seniors in need in Ethiopia and Uganda. Thanks for your continuous generosity, partnership and love.

If you’d like to watch their Friendship Sunday presentation, click and scroll to the 48:30 mark on the clock:

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