20 Years Strong with ROTOM

John Sue GourleyThrough the years of their devoted support and encouragement, longtime senior friends Sue and John Gourley have ultimately affected the Ugandan community of ROTOM as a whole. We discussed with Sue over a heart-to-heart, digital conversation the details of their beginnings with ROTOM. Read on to hear their powerful story!


It’s hard to believe that it has been 20 years since ROTOM started! I believe that John and I signed up to support a senior in the first couple of years (2003/2004).

We first met Kenneth when he came to the church we were attending. Kenneth gave a presentation and we were deeply moved by the needs of the Ugandan people. It was Kenneth’s love for the seniors, shown in his presentation that led us to participate with ROTOM. John and I want to help where we can and this led us to getting involved. He spoke on the needs of the seniors and the ROTOM organization. He then asked us if we wanted to look through some of the seniors who needed a sponsor and to pick one. Our first sponsored senior, Matiya was on top and we really wanted to help him.

We were blessed to be matched as senior friendship sponsors with Matiya for 16 years before he went to be with the Lord. Matiya was a wonderful man (see above in featured photo), who loved his wife and worked hard to maintain their life together. Once Matiya went to be with the Lord, we have started additional help for his wife Martha, as we feel he would want us to do so. And, then we went on to sponsor two other seniors: Nusulu and Monica for over a year now.

We have been blessed ever since we started supporting the seniors of ROTOM. We’re truly touched by the dedication of all the staff and volunteers who give their assistance and medical care to these special seniors! I feel ROTOM has changed and grown in all that they do for their seniors. From the correspondence, updates, letters, medical assistance and so on, there has been much growth. It is wonderful to receive yearly updates on our sponsored seniors, as well as the letters we receive, along with the assistance of the staff.

My husband and I would like to thank all of the ROTOM staff and volunteers for their dedication to the mission and are so appreciative to be a part of this family.

Love in Christ,

Sue and John Gourley