Raising Small Champions. Exceeding Boundless Opportunities!

Transforming Lives from One Generation to Another

The impact of your generosity for ROTOM supported children, multiplies far beyond what you give. Through your support, ROTOM is not only providing education to hundreds of children and youth; we are also giving them a safe space to discover and grow their potential! Our children’s leaders and programs are devoted to cultivating and developing the children to dream big-way-beyond their circumstances.

In Uganda, millions of children live in extreme poverty, and for these children, basic education is essentially out of reach. Josephine, a ROTOM Champions alumni, at one point was one of those children – until the day ROTOM changed her story.

We welcomed Josephine into the ROTOM Champions project in 2018 after being out of school for more than 5 years. Like many other Champions’ girls, life wasn’t always easy. Her older sister was bearing the burden of caring for Josephine and their 6 siblings. She always struggled to take care of the family’s basic needs, and Josephine often missed school because of financial hardships. Luckily, Josephine managed to complete secondary six within her education truck but could not move any further because of financial constraints.

Upon joining the ROTOM Champions project, Josephine recalls, “I could not believe it when I was informed that I was accepted to become a ROTOM Champion. I had been out of school for many years, was older than all the other girls, and had given up on ever achieving a higher education. My dreams were buried in a heart of a hopeless girl.” In November 2021, Josephine graduated with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

Beaming with joy she shared, “ROTOM welcomed me and gave me everything I needed to thrive; tuition, accommodation, food, medical care, mentorship, stipend and the love of Jesus. I always dreamed of becoming a teacher someday, I’m living my dream now because of ROTOM.”

Today, Josephine is one of the amazing teachers working at The ROTOM School. She’s so passionate and works hard to live the dream God has placed on her heart, which is to help children acquire quality education and make a lasting impact in their community. Josephine’s class has an enrollment of 18 pupils and she is consistently “showing up” for these children.

The ROTOM Champions project was able to sow a seed to transform Josephine’s life! Now she able to give back to the lives of other vulnerable children at The ROTOM School. What a beautiful picture of ROTOM Champions raising future Champions. This is how we’re changing lives, communities and nations together.

Article taken from ROTOM Uganda, August 2022 Newsletter