Senior Departure Has a Happy Ending!

Brace yourself, this senior departure has a happy ending. You’ll even need to grab your tissues!

“I must thank ROTOM for the gift of Lovinsa in my life all these years says Angela H., a ROTOM senior friend. Whatever humble help I was able to send her way, she gave me a hundredfold more in love and friendship! I will cherish her all of my days. I treasured each of her letters and keep them in a special folder. The bond between us is everlasting,” she says.

Her longtime senior, Lovinsa, recently moved back to her birthplace village to be cared for by relatives and live out her remaining days with them. After a routine ROTOM welfare visit, the team reported that she’s doing well and lives in a home updated by ROTOM.


“I pray this next chapter will be filled with joy and beautiful friendships for her. She is one of the kindest, strongest, most Christ-filled people in my life, and I’m forever changed for the better for having known her. I would be delighted to sponsor another senior, and trust ROTOM to pair me with the granny or grandpa of your choosing. It is a great honor to serve these dear ones with you and your team,” concludes Angela.