Senior Fellowships – Back Together Again in Uganda!

It’s unbelievable to think that it’s been nearly two long years since our ROTOM Senior Fellowships have been together, meeting in one space! Over the past week, ROTOM is resuming all Seniors’ Fellowships in the 56 villages where our seniors live. The excitement of being together again has been something truly amazing to witness.

These fellowships provide the opportunity for vulnerable seniors supported by ROTOM to meet together in their communities, sing, dance, hear a clear representation of the good news of Jesus Christ, pray together, learn new things, share life experiences and enjoy a hot nutritious meal. The fellowships are a happy place for many of the seniors because they find a safe place to talk about their lives and hear from fellow seniors living the same lives as them.

During the COVID-19 lockdown period that swept across the country of Africa over the past two years, ROTOM seniors’ fellowships were put to a halt. Though this was necessary, it took away something our Seniors value greatly: Fellowshipping Together. The loneliness brought on by extended isolation, the depression resulting from a friend or loved one’s death, fear of becoming infected with the Covid virus, and other factors ravaged many of the seniors’ mental health. Even though ROTOM encouraged the seniors to continue fellowship within their homes, the feeling was never the same compared to what they were used to at the meetings.

Your generous donations make such moments with the seniors possible! We cannot thank you enough!



Dave, Sherri & Stephanie