UPDATED!! Senior Fellowships – Back Together Again in Uganda!

It’s unbelievable to think that it’s been nearly two long years since our ROTOM Senior Fellowships have met together in one space! In May, ROTOM resumed all Seniors’ Fellowships in more than 56 villages where our seniors live. They all hold an excitement of being together again; and it has been something truly amazing to witness for our staff in Uganda! ROTOM Seniors’ fellowships are held bi-monthly and have been happening all across our 30 Seniors’ Fellowship Groups throughout our centers in various districts.

The fellowships provide an opportunity for our ROTOM supported seniors to meet and congregate together in their communities to sing, dance, hear a clear representation of the good news of Jesus Christ, pray together, learn new things, and just share life experiences – twice a month in a small church or community center near where they live. (ROTOM currently has 27 Senior Fellowshipping centers). It is a wonderful time of fellowshipping, where the grandmas and grandpas get to sing, dance, learn about Jesus, encourage each other, and share a big nutritious meal! So many of our seniors say the fellowships are a happy place for them because they find a safe place to talk about their lives and hear from others’ living similar lives!

Fellowships also are days where they get to interact and facilitate much like “support group meetings” ~ one of the most anticipated and valuable activity in the lives of ROTOM seniors. The coming together for singing, dancing, sharing of the Word of God and testimonies, supported by prayer sessions and a very healthy meal, is life-giving and of utmost importance to the emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being of these seniors.

During the COVID-19 lockdown period, our ROTOM seniors’ fellowships were put to a halt. Though this was necessary, it took away something our seniors value greatly: Fellowshipping  + togetherness. Loneliness brought on by extended isolation, a depression in some – resulting from a friend or loved one’s death, the fear of contracting the Covid-19 virus, and other factors, ravaged many of our seniors’ mental health. Even though ROTOM encouraged the seniors to continue fellowship within their homes, the feeling was never the same compared to what they were used to in person at the meetings. There is such a new spirit among them now, as they get to be part of their group again.

Watch the VIDEO below to learn more about Fellowshipping!


“The seniors’ fellowships remind me what love, compassion and community are all about. It’s a place I feel loved and cared for. I had missed them very much. I live way up in the mountains and it’s very hard for me to move from one place to another. So I had not seen many of my friends in a long time. I’m so excited to meet with my fellow seniors after a very long time. I look forward to learning new things and experiences from them. That is something I have always enjoyed during the fellowships,” shares a joyful Senior Johnson Benon Kabakiriraho of the Nyakitabire Seniors’ Fellowship, ROTOM Muhanga UGANDA