Senior Impact Story with Robinah Kyazike

Meet ROTOM Granny Robinah Kyazike who is the primary caregiver of her 4 grandchildren who are all under 12 years old.

Robinah depends on her grandchildren to bring her water from the village well for cleaning, washing and caring for the family. This was usually a two-hour trip that had to be taken multiple times a day for a scant amount of dirty water, but it was all that was available. During her routine she had to wait for the children to get back with the water in order to be able to do her chores -often worrying about their safety. But she was not strong enough to manage the trip on her own and felt tethered to a situation beyond her control. They could not live without water, even if it occasionally made them sick.

Recently, ROTOM installed a Water Harvesting System for Granny Robinah’s family. What an enormous difference it has made in their lives! No longer do the children need to spend hours a day hauling dirty water. No longer does Granny Robinah have to wait and worry until she can do her chores. No longer do they worry about becoming ill from dirty water. No longer are the children bound to hours of walking, gathering and hauling water for their basic survival. A whole new world has opened to them!

Granny Robinah’s face now beams with a big smile as she explains to a ROTOM volunteer, “Our tank is always mostly full and the water lasts for many days. This water is so clean! We do not worry about getting sick from it. I surely cannot thank ROTOM enough for this wonderful gift!”

Only $200 made this life changing gift a reality. $200 changed the lives of 5 human beings created in the image of God. This could be part of your story too. What are you waiting for? Give now and watch how your gift change the lives of seniors while impacting your life, too!