Standing UP to Food Crisis

The most serious problem facing seniors in Uganda is malnutrition from food scarcity. Hunger is a real problem for our ROTOM supported seniors.

Mostly caused by lack of enough nutritious food due to a worsening situation post-COVID and our current worldwide food shortage. Most ROTOM supported seniors depend on subsistence peasant farming for their survival. Many of these seniors are weak and frail. Now 56% have visual impairments, and approximately 36% have physical disabilities.

These seniors are no longer able to participate in manual and tedious farming. For some who are able to farm, they can only do so little leading to a low food production that limits their access to food to only what they are able to produce. As a result, they either depend on ROTOM, a friend/family member with a job in the city and neighbors.

A survey ROTOM conducted last year to more than 375 supported seniors, showed that without your support, 48% would only have 1 meal each day or sometimes not eat at all. And, 33% would be able to have 2 or 3 meals a day. With the support of ROTOM, we aspire that the number of those who would have at least 2 meals a day, would increase to approximately 90%. We are still diligently working on this goal!

The Joy of Receiving Food!

Meet Benaletta Acupa – 72 Years Old

Acupa is a widow who lives by herself most of the time. Other times she is lives with her grandchildren especially during their school break. Currently she lives with 3 grandchildren. She gave birth to 11 children; 7 have passed away and 4 are still living. Acupa says that her children have been supporting her with some food on some days. However, due to the state of Corona, they are unable to do this because they cannot find casual jobs like they used to. She was so happy to receive a food package from ROTOM.

Acupa says, “This food is going to feed me and my children in this time of Crisis. I was worried how we would survive this outbreak. But Now I can rest assured of our meals for the next couple of weeks.”

Food and care packageMeet Antoniyo Kilegeya – 75+ Years Old

Antoniyo, believed to be in his late 70s, migrated from Tanzania and came to Uganda in the 1960s in search for work. He found a job subsistence farming, and his employer gave him shelter on his farm. He lives by himself on the farm near the end of his village, in a one roomed house which ROTOM built for him. Antoniyo walks with difficulty because of severe osteoarthritis of both his lower and the spine bones. This limits his mobility and ability to do any work including growing food.

Antoniyo received a food and care package which included: corn flour, beans, a packet of salt, matchboxes, sugar and a bar of soap. Antoniyo said he couldn’t remember the last time he ate something else except at the ROTOM Seniors’ fellowship which was suspended because of the COVID-19 situation.

The joy on his face was unexplainable! In his own words, Antoniyo says, “I cannot wait to prepare my next meal. This food is going to help me so much in this great time of need. I had planted some beans but someone stole them from my garden as I was worried of how I would survive. But ROTOM has come to my rescue. I am so happy for the salt that you have brought. I love it but I cannot afford to buy it. My next meal is going to be so delicious. Thank you so much ROTOM for giving me food!”

We cannot tell these amazing stories without your support and supply a consistent amount of monthly food to seniors like Acupa and Antoniyo. You’re incredible generosity not only allows us to keep doing the Lord’s good work but it is a huge boost to the nourishment for our seniors! We are grateful for your continued stewardship.

If you feel giving to our end of year campaign is something God has put on your heart, a gift of $50 provides a 1-month supply of food. Choose to give $50, $100, $250/other. We are thankful for any gift amount.