Field Update: Home Visits to Seniors’ Villages Bring Joy

Our ROTOM Uganda Field Nurses’ visits are one of the most effective ways to reach out to the seniors in their communities and give them much deserved care. Their visits have greatly improved the health of the seniors because healthcare is brought right in the comfort of the seniors’ homes. Senior’s who struggle with mobility and do not have the ability to travel to our ROTOM Health Centers, truly appreciate the impact of this healthcare option.

Over the past half year, the ROTOM Field Nurses continued to ensure that all of the patients with NCDs receive a weekly re-check of their vitals from a village volunteer; all patients with chronic illnesses received their medicine refills on time, as well as they organized emergency responses for those in need of further treatment at the Health Centers.

These Field Nurses’ visits were able to reduce the health complications of the seniors which has improved the life span of the seniors. Overall, the Field Nurses were able to manage a whopping 994 home visits! Once again our ROTOM Village Volunteers deserve a salute for their dedication as they and the numerous field assistants have continued to support our nurses by monitoring the seniors’ health – especially taking with them individually and sharing their blood pressure readings and overall health diagnosis.

COVID-19 Numbers Greatly Reduced ⬇️

We’re happy to provide you with a wonderful update in Uganda. Thankfully the COVID-19 situation in Uganda has slowed down. Current cases countrywide are 163,301 as of August 23, 2022 (source: Ministry of Health Uganda). And, there have not been any COVID-19 cases at the ROTOM Centers or with our beneficiaries since the start of this year. ROTOM health workers continue to carry out cautiousness about COVID-19 during their home visits to the seniors, and during the seniors’ fellowships which resumed in April 2022. As recommended by the Uganda Ministry of Health, we have been able to administer the COVID-19 booster dozes to 179 seniors. We hope that all ROTOM seniors will receive the booster doze before the close of this year. In essence, we care so much about the welfare of our seniors and want to keep you, our donors abreast of the exemplary medical outreach we’re giving them.