The ROTOM School at Maggogo

The impact of your generosity for ROTOM also supports the grandchildren and increases far beyond what you give. Through your support, ROTOM is not only providing an education to hundreds of children and youth; we are also giving them a safe space to discover and grow their potential! Our children’s leaders and programs are devoted to cultivating and developing the children to dream big – way beyond their current circumstances!

The 2nd school term ended on August 19, 2022. During this term, there were 60 amazing children who did a remarkable job! Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s going on with all of the precious grandchildren of our Seniors and a basic rundown of their daily routines:

•  This year the ROTOM children are learning about Excellence with a specific focus on “Excellence in Health: a Healthy Body and Healthy Mind” taken from 1 Corinthians 6:19. ROTOM School’s motto is Character, Innovation, and Excellence.

•  Every day, classes start at 8:00 AM; ending at 5:00 PM. While at school, they receive breakfast, lunch, and a snack at the end of their day before going home. (Note: The calendar year for many schools in Uganda runs from January to December, with 3 school-year terms and a 3-week break between the different terms).

•  Staff includes 5 teachers; 2 support staff members.

•  New school uniforms are part of their program, and they are so excited about how they “look smart and are well kept.” Having clean and polished attire is crucial for confidence-building success. Thank you for supporting this!

•  The ROTOM School’s Farm is thriving and supplies 90% of the food for the children at school. Each class and child is highly involved with their garden – having grown different vegetables to eat for food at school. The children also learn about both modern and traditional farming methods and kitchen gardening as part of their curriculum. Their excitement about their gardens and those harvests is so contagious! The children are super excited to become part of a new project that will teach them how raise chickens and rabbits! The goal has been set for them to raise 50 chickens and some rabbits. Funding has been raised and excitement has begun!

•  The caregivers/grandparents are actively involved in the school’s progress. Many of them are now able to provide firewood for their children. It is used at school and helps in preparing for meals at home. They are now able to take care of the children and necessary school items. We commend you for helping them become independent! While they may not know how to read or write, they’re making sure that their grandchildren complete schoolwork and come to class on time. On a good note, the children are teaching their grandparents a few basic English terms and greetings too. It’s very encouraging to hear the grannies pronounce some English words too!

•  The children participated in more sports activities this term. There was an end-of-term Sports Day offering competitive games in August.

•  Construction of The ROTOM School’s dormitory is underway as the major project. So far the foundation and walls have been framed – waiting for the roof to be completed. This project is crucial because, once a child’s grandmother has passed away, there is a huge need for them to have a safe place to stay – especially during the school term. During the end of term or school break, some of them are staying with foster families. In addition, the new dormitory will accommodate children who live very far away, too.

In Uganda, millions of children live in extreme poverty, and for these children basic education is essentially out of reach. We’re providing safe spaces where children can grow in relationships while learning their potential and value in life.

Meet Mary, a 9 year-old in Primary 3, now learning to read and write who lives with relatives because her grandmother died.