Meet Vereria: Blind No More

Learning to Live Again After Sudden Sight Loss.

Learning to Live Again After Sudden Vision Loss

Every year we share our seniors’ stories about the impact of your generosity. Today, we want to tell you about one of those inspiring seniors’ — a story straight from our main headquarters in Uganda.

About 8 years ago, Vereria’s vision started to deteriorate. In her young 60’s her vision rapidly became blurry – worsening with every passing day. This unfortunate sight-loss and its effect with everyday tasks such as getting dressed, working in the garden, cleaning, washing, cooking, visiting friends became burdensome. Not being able to do any of these every day tasks caused her to be seriously depressed.

In 2018, 70-year-old Vereria joined the ROTOM Senior Friendship Program and was relieved to finally not have to worry about basic medial care again. At the time of her recruitment, Vereria had given up hope of ever seeing again. She was convinced that she would die a sightless old woman, she says.

Little did she know that God had a different plan.

This past June of 2022, Vereria and a group of other ROTOM seniors were scheduled for cataract surgery through a partnership with a health facility in her neighboring district. Thankfully, these surgeries were successful and after a few days, Vereria regained her sight.

Vereria reflects back, saying: “I was very hesitant to go for my eye surgery. I thought it could never work, and I did not want to have my hopes crushed. when the nurses took off the patches after my surgery, I opened my eyes… everything around me was bright as the sun.

I could hardly believe I could see the light after years of darkness. When I returned home, my whole neighborhood rejoiced with me and welcomed me with cheers,” she continued.

“Finally, I could see my house, my belongings and the new developments in my village. Everything was new and beautiful. All those years, I couldn’t even see my son and my daughter-in-law. I couldn’t even see my fellow ROTOM Seniors or the amazing ROTOM staff who were selflessly taking good of me. I can see them now! I can see. I have my world back and I’m learning to live again. All thanks to ROTOM.”


Since her surgery, Vereria experienced several follow ups from the ROTOM medical team; and we’re happy to report she’s doing great! Recovering her eyesight has completely changed her family life; and she is living happy once again!

A part of our healthcare program, it includes improving eye care and restoring sight to seniors who are living with preventable, treatable blindness. Even in remote areas like Vereria’s village, our goal is to provide the highest quality service to people with little access to even basic eye care.

Because of this, we have witnessed an immediate, life-changing impact on our seniors, their families, and communities. This can only be accomplished thanks to your kindness! We thank you and may God continue to bless you and your family. (Original copy from Uganda, edited by Stephanie Matty)