New Hope Restored for Nusula

Meet Nusula. A true story of hope restored! One that will likely renew your faith.

Like most of the seniors registered into the ROTOM Friendship Program, all have a familiar story ~ lost, desperate, lonely, and scared of what tomorrow might bring. What was once lost, has now turned new for Nusula.

Nusula, 79 years old, was a senior like that. She happily registered into the program in early 2022 after having to wait. Nusula’s late spouse was senior Kaddu Wamala, who was supported by a wonderful couple, part of the Senior Friendship Program in U.S.

Kaddu and Nusula’s story was that of a life of struggle. They lived most of their marriage desperately poor, and for Kaddu to be supported by ROTOM during his last years of life, it turned out to be their biggest blessing! ROTOM generously built a house and a pit latrine for their family, as well as supplying them with a dependable supply of monthly groceries. With this generous act of kindness, Kaddu, Nusula, and their 3 small grandchildren had food to eat and a new safe home to live in.

Then her husband died suddenly, and with this tremendous loss, most all of Nusula’s hope and security were lost too. It was during those heartfelt visits from our ROTOM staff, volunteers, and field assistants who stopped by to visit, where she regained a renewed sense of spirit, she says. Nusula says that she never felt so lonely and cut off than after his death. And, then one morning, she was told her late husband’s senior friends wanted to become her new ROTOM friends!

One moment she was no longer covered in the Friendship Program, and the next thing she knew she was offered the Friendship that her late husband benefitted from and, accepted into the program being introduced to new friends. All because two wonderful people from across seas loved her husband enough to care about his widow and her wellbeing!

Before joining ROTOM, Nusula never smiled, hated photos and never spoke to us when visiting. Fast forward to today, it’s amazing to see her look straight into the camera and smile confidently, dance, and even sing in the Fellowship meetings! All simply because ROTOM reached out to this beloved, lonely widow.

We talk about love and walk and embrace love every day. Our ROTOM grandmothers and grandfathers have many different stories related to how they have experienced love from the ROTOM staff, and most importantly, their supporting friends. We also strongly believe in relationships between our supported seniors, their friends (and staff) who have developed lifelong connections through the power of Jesus’ love!

By demonstrating this new level of love, our staff and volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that older persons live dignified and fulfilled lives! We love our donors. If you know a friend who is interested in becoming a friend to a precious Ugandan or Ethiopian senior, send them this link and share the blessings!