Food Supply Sufficient for Disan

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For this 91-year-old senior, your monthly support has delivered him from Hunger to Hope.

Unlike other ROTOM seniors who have children, grandchildren or their relatives contributing to their Food Security, Disan has no one. Not even a nephew looking out or coming by occasionally to visit him. His only surviving son left him, and Disan has no idea where he is now, or if he will ever come back.

Since the very beginning of Covid-19, he has needed a consistent supply of “extra food” to supplement the little bit his garden produces. Through ROTOM, each month Disan receives approximately 10 kg. of maize flour, 5 kg. of beans, silverfish as well as other food items, which enables him to eat at least 2 meals each day. But this is not the case for every ROTOM senior.

“I am very grateful for my monthly food support which I receive from ROTOM. My food never runs out! “I think I would have died of hunger a long time ago but this food supports sustains me. I love to prepare porridge everyday which I keep in the flask that I also received from ROTOM. I then enjoy my porridge throughout the day,” says a happy Disan.

Disan 2022

It’s most in part because of your overwhelming support that we can provide a consistent supply of monthly food to seniors like Disan. You’re incredible generosity not only allows us to keep doing the Lord’s good work but it is a huge boost to the nourishment for our seniors! We are grateful for your stewardship and walking alongside our seniors.

When we give them food we share your love with them ~ especially during these difficult times of food scarcity around the world.

Join in, take action today, and help us fight hunger for our precious seniors! We pray that God richly blessed you!

A gift of $50 provides a 1-month supply of food, and $300 supplies 6 months of food packages per senior. Any amount you feel God has put on your heart is appreciated.