The ROTOM School Children Update: Thriving this past Quarter [VIDEO]

At ROTOM we’re excited to be able to periodically bring you up-to-speed on the progress of your support for the grandchildren! In Uganda, and other African countries there are millions of children living in extreme poverty, experience extreme hunger; and for most of these children – basic education such as what you and I are accustomed to is OUT OF REACH! We’re providing safe spaces where children can grow in relationships while learning their potential and value in life.

Today, we now have 2 classroom blocks with 8 total classrooms. And, there is enough furniture for the current 5 classrooms meeting there. The children are so very thrilled to not have to study outside underneath the trees anymore! The activities and having the children together is transforming the way they learn, too.

Meet our amazing grandmother who prayed for someone like us to help her meet her granddaughter’s education needs. Click the arrow.