Home At Last for Clementine!

Clementine was the second senior ROTOM wrote and reached out to upon the conception of our organization. Fondly called Mai, or “mother” she lived like a frail old woman abandoned by her children working odd jobs to put food on her table. Those days neared the end because her tired old body eventually gave up on her after working tirelessly her whole life. This is where the story takes a turn for the best.

Unable to care for herself anymore, or having the ability to keep up with rent of her tiny room, ROTOM moved her into one of two of our Village Outreach Center’s where she and other seniors needed a “Care Partner.” Living the VOC, they become refreshed in spirit by being together and by all of the wonderful care they receive through our program.

Clementine now no longer has to worry about where her next meal will come from, or keeping a roof over her head. Rather, she was blessed by God to live out her last days cared for, loved and fully supported by ROTOM.

Though her fondest wish was to see her children never came true; she found multitudes of people who called her Mother. A heart warming story and one like you and I would want for anyone of us! We truly hope your loved ones stay close to you, especially during the elder years. On the right, photos from the ROTOM Village Outreach Center in Lwanyonyi, Uganda.

May God continue to bless you, and until we see Christ, may you:

Galatians 5:5 promises, “For we through the Spirit, by faith, are waiting for the hope of righteousness.”