Water is Now Reality for Senior Proxida


A special thanks goes out to ROTOM senior friends Edward and Tinka Hiner for generously giving to our Water Storage Systems fund to provide a water tank to their senior friend, Proxida Kayada.

Did you know that about 40% of our senior friends often walk over 1 mile to collect polluted water for their everyday needs? Imagine if you can the daily responsibility to keep your family clean, hydrated, and fed without potable water. The life of Senior Proxida and her grandchildren has been renewed with the gift of water.
There’s still time for you to give! Since we began our WASH campaign this spring, committed donors like you have provided funds for over 60 water systems!! That means we have less than 115 water systems to go to ensure all of our seniors in UG and ET have water access nearby. If you haven’t yet given to help us meet this need, please consider blessing a senior today. Click the button below to give and bless a senior and their family today. Any amount helps make this possible.